Welcome to the central page of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry at Ghent University.

The Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry provides research and education in the domains of general, inorganic, physical and materials chemistry. Scientists carry out both fundamental and applied scientific projects around the following principal areas:

  • organometallic chemistry and the application of engineered compounds in catalytic reactions
  • the synthesis of new mesoporous materials and their application in heterogeneous catalysis, adsorbents and biomedical systems
  • Synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals and the application of their physical properties
  • Research into the kinetics and the mechanisms of electrochemical reactions at semiconductor surfaces
  • Quantum chemistry
  • f-element coordination chemistry.
  • Solid state chemistry of electroceramic materials

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The faculty of Sciences has a vacancy for a professorship, starting from October 1st 2015. It concerns a full time position as Professor in the rank of Assistant Professor tenure track in the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, charged with academic teaching, academic research and carrying out academic services in the discipline of solid state chemistry.

The selected applicant will be charged with teaching bachelor level general and inorganic chemistry courses (mainly in Dutch), and more advanced, master level courses in inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry and crystallography.

He/she will have an expertise that is complementary to that of the present activities in the department and will reinforce the department’s scientific potential and strengthen the research activities in the area of synthesis and analysis of advanced inorganic materials, more specifically in the area of coordination chemistry and diffraction based structure elucidation. He/she will collaborate with the other research groups.