About us

The Department of Chemistry provides research and education in the domains of general, inorganic, physical,analytical and materials chemistry. Scientists carry out both fundamental and applied scientific projects around the following principal areas:

• Design and synthesis of organometallic complexes for use in catalysis.
• The development of ordered porous materials and hybrids (PMO, MOF, COF) as advanced platforms of sustainable chemistry: heterogeneous catalysis, water decontamination, urban mining, purification.
• Synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals and the application of their physical properties
• Ultrafast spectroscopy
• Ab initio method development and quantum chemical studies of chemical bonding.
• Luminescent lanthanide-materials for sensing and anti-counterfeiting applications
• Solid state chemistry of electroceramic materials, chemical solution deposition of nano composite thin films
• Bio-inorganic chemistry through single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis for biomedical applications